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AALI Strengthens Sustainability Commitment with Astra Agro Sustainability Aspiration

JAKARTA, Issuer of Palm Oil Plantations, PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (AALI), is committed to continuously strengthening sustainability by launching Astra Agro Sustainability Aspirations in 2022. This Commitment was conveyed by the President Director of AALI, Santosa, in an online Public Expose (3/4).

“We realize sustainability is an important commitment that must be implemented for the Company to respond to business challenges in the long term,” he said.

Astra Agro implements this program through the Triple-P Roadmap strategy, including the Portfolio, People, and Public Contribution Roadmap.

“We are targeting all the targets of the Astra Agro Sustainability Aspiration program to be achieved by 2030,” he said.

According to Santosa, Astra Agro is committed to developing local communities, including Remote Indigenous Communities (KAT), to achieve the goal of being prosperous with the nation. This Commitment is realized through the four pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): health, education, economy, and environment. Astra Agro targets 200,000 people from 300 villages around the company to receive program benefits.

“Currently, the Company’s CSR program has directly impacted 128,623 people around the plantation,” he said.

As many as 53,700 oil palm farmers are one of the community groups that received positive impacts.
Various partnership program schemes are implemented to meet the needs of oil palm smallholders so that the community’s oil palm cultivation business is sustainable.

“The company also carries out economic development programs that originate from local wisdom and regional potential through the Astra Prosperous Village (DSA) program,” he added.

At the AGMS held on 14/4, Astra Agro also announced changes to the composition of the commissioners and directors as follows:

President Commissioner : Chiew Sin Cheok

Commissioner : Johannes Loman

Independent commissioner : Aridono Sukamanto

Independent commissioner : Ratna Wardhani

President Director : Santosa

Director : Mario Casimirus Surung Gultom

Director : M. Hadi Sugeng Wahyudiono

Director : Rujito Purnomo

Director : Said Fakhrullazi

Director : Eko Prasetyo Wibisono

Director : Djap Tet Fa


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