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Astra Agro Shares Cash Dividend of IDR 336 Per Share


JAKARTA – The palm oil company, PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk, recorded net profitof Rp 1.44 trillionin 2018,declined26.9% compared to the previous yearas a result of the weakeningCPO selling pricein the globalmarket throughout2018. In spite of this, the Company recorded positive operational performance in which crude palm oil production rose 18.5% to 1.94 million tons.

The increase ofpalm oil production throughout 2018 was supported by FFB production (fresh fruit bunches) from nucleus estates of4.42 million tons, representingan increase of 12.1% compared to 2017. The total volume of FFB purchasedfrom Plasma/KKPA and third parties roseby 29.5% to 5.15 million tons in 2018.

The cattle – oil palm integrated businessalso showedpositive results. Throughout 2018,cattlesales volume was 10.230heads, growing 268.6% compared to the previous year. Whilstthe number of calves produced from the company’s cattle breeding segment was1,612heads, an increase of 130.9% compared to the previous year.

Based on the results of the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held in Jakarta on April 15, 2019, shareholders agreed to use 45% of the Company’s net profit as dividends which is equal toRp. 336, per share. Interim dividends of Rp. 112, – per share paid on October 19, 2018.

“The remaining net income is recorded as retained earningsof the Company,” said The President Director of PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk, Santosa.

At the Company’s AGMOS,the shareholders approvedthe Annual Report, including the Board of Commissioners’ Supervisory Task Report and Ratification of the Company’s Financial Report for fiscal year 2018, and also the new composition of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the Company as follows:


Board of Commissioners:


President Commissioner: Chiew Sin Cheok

Commissioner: Djony Bunarto Tjondro

Independent Commissioner: Sidharta Utama

Independent Commissioner: Angky Utarya Tisnadisastra


Members of the Board of Directors:

President Director: Santosa

Vice President Director: Joko Supriyono

Director: Mario C. S. Gultom

Director: Rujito Purnomo

Director: M. Hadi Sugeng Wahyudiono

Director: Nico Tahir

Director: Said Fakhrullazi


In 2019, the Company affirms its commitment to sustainability and focuses on strengthening partnerships with oil palm farmers around the plantation area managed by the Company.

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