The Code of Conduct aims to provide clear guidance to Astra Agro personnel in complying with various aspects of GCG and performing business activities ethically and professionally. Astra Agro developed a Code of Conduct that provides rules and directives for each function of the organization in the way of thinking and behaving. The Code of Conduct adopted the Astra’s Catur Dharma philosophy as the foundation, which was subsequently translated by the Company into the 7 (seven) Values of Corporate Culture called Sapta Budaya Planters.

Aspects regulated in Astra Agro Lestari Code of Conduct include:
1. Basic values and principles.
2. Business Ethics and Work Ethics.
3. Roles of Corporate Secretary, Audit, and Risk Management.

7 cultures 24 Definitions
1. Honest & Responsible

1. Behave and act by upholding values of faith and plety

2. Be highly committed to your work

3. Speak based on facts and data

4. Become a leader, not an official

5. Reside, work, and live within the plantation environment

2. Triple “S”

1. Arrive earlier

2. Start working as early as possible

3. Comply with existing rules

4. Refrain from proscrastinating in complete your work

5. Be consistent

6. Perfrom periodic reviews

3. Fanatic

1. Fanatic about technical culture

2. Fanatic about targets

3. Fanatic about work standards

4. Fanatic about work rotation

4. Caring

1. Be responsive to problems

2. Anticipate problems that may arise

5. Control

1. Control the territory, the personnel, and the technical aspects within the scope of your responsibility

2. Spend most of your time to monitor the work process in the field

3. Be fearless and firm in imposing sanction for violations

6. Coaching and Innovation

1. Create a secure, peaceful, and harmonious environment at the plantation

2. Improve work capabilities of the employees

7. Corps Spirit

1. Be proud of being a plantation worker

2. Always strive to be the best