Occupational health and Safety have always become the Company’s top priority. This commitment is reflected in the Company’s responsibility as outlined in the Environment, Safety, and Health Policy (LK3). This Policy has constantly been reviewed and adjusted according to the development of laws and other relevant regulations, including adherence to prevent potential environmental pollution. The Company believes that good environmental management will not cause pollution and will have a positive effect on the safety and health of workers.

The principles of the Company’s LK3 Policy are as follows:

  • Respect legal requirements, as well as standards for workplace safety, occupational health, and environmental management
  • Increasing workers’ understanding of and awareness of a culture of environmental management, occupational health, and safety
  • Prevent workplace injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental harm by continuously implementing risk management and hazard control
  • Applying the concept of clean production and resource and energy efficiency in every work process management in a sustainable manner.

The implementation of the LK3 Policy has created a decent and safe working environment for all workers. The Company has also implemented a program to manage the existing occupational risks based on identified potential hazards. Worker safety has become a top priority by prioritizing the role of the leadership in each unit; thus, the Company forms personnel through behavior-based safety leadership to create a safety climate in enhancing safety culture in the work environment within the Company.

Furthermore, non-formal safety campaign support or collaboration on safety activities outside of work that is implemented in synergy also in the workers’ housing environment. In other words, Safety at work can be realized starting from the worker’s home. Caring for family members and neighbors is one of the keys. Therefore, the Company invites employees and their families through the workers’ Association to spread the campaign for safety culture. The Association has made various efforts to realize zero fatal accidents. The activities are conducted through the habituation of safety talk at the beginning of each activity, establishing the commitment monuments, installing posters and banners, and conducting webinars related to the role of the Association in building a safety culture.

Workers are signing a Safety Commitment in housing at one of the Company’s sites

Occupational Health

Astra Agro provides health services for employees who require health-related treatment. Socialization of health services has been given through a work safety induction process. In the course of delivering health services, the Company safeguards employee health-related information. Astra Agro has implemented the LK3 program in the areas of health & legal compliance as follows:

  1. Paramedics actively carry out preventive and promotional health efforts based on cause analysis.
  2. Improvement of health services, infrastructure, and medical competence.
  3. Observation and monitoring of fatigue and work fatigue
  4. Improving the competence of posyandu cadres in the health sector to foster healthy families in the emplacement.
  5. Increasing the competence of foremen and supervisors in the field of first aid.
  6. Implementing the Fit to Work health program (healthy workers, healthy families) at all sites.
  7. Fulfilment of quality-related product certifications following market & customer demand (HALAL, ISO 22000 & HACCP).
  8. Implementation of health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic and implementation of telemedicine in the health service process at all sites

All employees and their core families are ensured to receive health care through BPJS Health at the Plantation Polyclinic (Polibun) which operates 24 hours. The company has built 30 plantation-polyclinic (polibun) units by the end of 2022. In addition, the Company has also provided 40 ambulance units which are used as evacuation aid facilities to the nearest clinic. Polibun is supported by professional medical personnel consisting of 28 doctors, 68 midwives, and 73 nurses. Other efforts facilitated by the Company are conducting medical check-ups every two years, providing vaccinations, conducting pesticide exposure checks through Cholinesterase examinations, administering multivitamins, and health-related education