Efisiensi Energi

Plantation activities and production system operations to produce palm oil utilize significant energy. The energy sources used by the Company consist of new renewable energy and non-renewable energy.

Renewable energy sources:

  1. Utilization of palm shells & fibers for boiler fuel at the mill
  2. Partial utilization of palm shells as coal substitution in refinery
  3. Usage of biodiesel (B30) to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

Non-renewable energy sources:

  1. Usage of electricity from the State Electricity Company (PLN)
  2. Usage of coal at Tanjung Sarana Lestari and Tanjung Bina Lestari refineries
  3. Usage of fossil fuels (diesel and gasoline)

In general, the energy mix consumed by Astra Agro shows that most (> 90%) of the energy consumption comes from renewable energy. The Company continues to increase the usage of new renewable energy consistently.