We strive to be environmentally responsible to maintain a good flow in our business activities. In its implementation, we are guided by the principles of environmental conservation, which include the protection of life support systems, preservation of germplasm, and sustainable utilization. Several programs, such as rehabilitation and conservation research, have been consistently implemented and have shown promising results. For more information, please visit our Conservation Initiative page.

The Community Environmental Development Program

The Company strives to provide community-based environmental education through the Community Development program, which aligns with sustainable development goals (SDGs). The program includes integrated waste management (PPST) and plastic waste reduction movement (GKSP). The Company provides coaching, training, and assistance for environmental facilities and infrastructure. The local community is actively involved in organic and inorganic waste management through the 5R system (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refine, Recovery) and is accompanied by the integration of endemic and annual tree planting programs. In addition, through GKSP, a culture will be created for using nonplastic materials and goods, starting from using non-plastic shopping bags and reusable drinking bottles. Until 2022, the Company has fostered 134 waste bank units in zone one villages and planted 4,560 seedlings in collaboration with the community, employing of 1,189 environmental cadres. Then through the Sustainable Peat Program (Progale), the Company has also provided education in environmentally friendly peatlands to farmer groups so that people can utilize their land in accordance with the principles of sustainability.