Fire Prevention System

Astra Agro has issued a “No Burning Policy” since January 2007 which confirms the company’s commitment in the prevention of land fires. The commitment was reaffirmed in Astra Agro’s Sustainability Policy issued in September 2015. In carrying out sustainable business practices, we are committed to prohibiting the use of fire to clear lands, conduct replantings, or any other development. In addition we will actively manage the mitigation of fire on our plantations and surrounding areas.

The prolonged drought caused by the El Nino phenomenon in 2015 has had an impact on the occurrence of significant land fires in Indonesia. Understanding the enormous impact of the situation, we strive to strengthen the organizational structure and means of emergency land fire preparedness and response, and improve the fire prevention program for improved preparations. Additionally, we also actively collaborate with communities and relevant stakeholders in mitigating fires. We also routinely conduct evaluations and improvements to the systems and programs implemented to ensure the best performance in implementing policies without burning.