Community Economic Empowerment

The Company contributes to the development of economic potential in and around operational areas through the palm oil partnership-based economic program, local wisdom-based economic programs, and regional potential-based economic improvement programs such as development of Community Cares for Fire (MPA) in peat areas. The oil palm partnership-based economic program provides business certainty for smallholders through cooperation in nursery, cultivation and marketing processes. This program has also reached at least ±53,000 smallholders in the supply chain and has significantly driven economic growth in more than 300 villages. The local wisdom-based economic program and the regional potential-based economic improvement program focus on small or home industries farmer groups or non-palm oil business groups. Both programs provide training, mentoring, institutional strengthening, infrastructure assistance, business capital assistance, and the development of entrepreneurial activities according to the needs and potential of the region and existing local wisdom. To date, both programs have mobilized more than 150 Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) spread across eight provinces in Indonesia. These programs are expected to build community economic independence and realize Astra Prosperous Village around the Company’s operational areas.