Conservation Initiatives

Inisiasi Konservasi

Astra Agro has long been committed to biodiversity conservation by ensuring that operational activities do not harm wildlife, especially endangered species such as the Sumatran Elephant and Orangutan. The Company is committed to no development in High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas. The Company has also initiated conservation, HCV identification, biodiversity management, and monitoring programs across all subsidiaries.

In the implementation, we identify HCV areas by involving accredited assessors, develop comprehensive conservation programs to maintain the integrity of HCV/HCS areas, and mitigate risks through monitoring and evaluation to achieve good conservation management. Through socialization with the community, installation of information boards, patrols, and monitoring of landscape conditions, the Company prohibits all activities that could damage HCV areas, namely poaching, injuring, possessing, and killing of all species including rare, threatened and endangered, endemic and ecologically useful.

In an effort to prevent deforestation within the concession, we conduct routine monitoring through spatial analysis approaches and regular on-the-ground patrols. We are also working to implement deforestation prevention in our supply chain with a developed system. The Efforts to prevent deforestation in the supply chain can be seen on the Supply Chain page.

Nilai Konservasi Tinggi

Proyek Konservasi

Stok Karbon Tinggi
KOnservasi 1
High Conservation Value
Konservasi 3
High Carbon Stock
KOnservasi 2
Environmental Rehabilitation

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