Corporate Secretary

Indonesian Citizens, He has been the Director of the Company and also serve as the Corporate Secretary since 2017, based on the 2017 AGMS. The Company has again appointed him at the 2019 AGMS and 2021 AGMS as the Director and also the Corporate Secretary of the Company. He serves as Commissioner of all the Company’s subsidiaries. Previously, he served as Deputy Director of Research and Development of the Company (2016-2017), President Director of the Company’s subsidiaries in Central Kalimantan Area (2015-2017), Director of the Company’s subsidiaries in Kalimantan Area (2007-2014), Procurement Division Head of the Company (2001- 2007), Division Head of Corporate Internal Audit of the Company (1995-2001), and became Assistant Manager of Auditors at Public Accountant BDO Tanubrata (1987-1995).

He graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia, Jakarta.


According to OJK regulation, a Corporate Secretary is responsible to keep up with the development of Capital Market especially the laws and regulations in effect in the Capital Market and provide input to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of Issuer or Public Company in order to comply with the requirements of Capital Market laws and regulations.

Corporate Secretary also tasked with assisting the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in the implementation of good corporate governance that includes:
1. Transparency of information to the public, including the availability of certain information on the Company website;
2. Submission of reports to OJK in a timely fashion;
3. Convention and documentation of GMS;
4. Convention and documentation of Board of Directors’ Meeting and Board of Commissioners’ Meeting;
5. Execution of orientation programs for the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners,
6. Act as a liaison between the Company and the shareholders of the Company, OJK, the stock market, and other stakeholders.