Labor Rights

We are committed to creating harmonious relationships between workers, government and employers with reference to 3 basic principles:

  1. Implement good employee relations in accordance with applicable Laws and Regulations;
  2. Avoid industrial relations disputes / conflicts
  3. Create a formal and informal communication

Astra Agro ensures that the company complies with all applicable labor laws, including:

  1. All employees are of productive age according to the applicable regulations
  2. The Company applies equitable treatment to all employees of different gender, ethnicity, race and religion.

The Company supports the right of employees to exercise freedom of association, and each employee is free to become a member of worker union in the company where they work. Currently, the company has 43 subsidiaries that each have an active and legally registered worker union, hold regular activities, and a Bipartite Cooperation Institute (LKS) forum which encourages two-way communication between workers and companies to create harmonious industrial relations.