Company Releases

The Corporate Secretary is one of the functions within the Company given the task and responsibility to communicate with external parties such as the capital market authorities, the stock exchange authorities, investors and the public. The Corporate Secretary answers to the Board of Directors.

PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk's Corporate Secretary and Independent Director, Mr. Rudy, giving a presentation in the event held by Financial Services Authority (OJK)

The function of Corporate Secretary shall include Company duties, relationship with investors and the public:

1. Acting as a representative of the Company in its relationship with all stakeholders in communicating the Company’s activities, especially those related to transparency of information.
2. Controlling the external and internal communication strategy management with all stakeholders toopenly and responsibly disseminate Company news and build a positive image of the Company.
3. Ensuring the Company’s compliance with at laws of the financial market and UU PT as well as laws related to its business.
4. Monitoring the development and changes of regulations in the financial market and UU PT, as well as laws related to the Company’s line of business and providing recommendations and input to the Board of Directors on the effect of these changes to the Company and the implementation within the Company.
5. Assist the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in the implementation of GCG.

The position of Corporate Secretary is held by Rudy who is also a duly appointed member of the Board of Directors.