No other industrial sector is able to involve the community as a working partner in its business process – massively and in such a very wide scale – as what the palm oil industry sector is able to do. In 2016, the Company made a partnership with more than 50,000 oil palm farmers in more than 2,000 farmers’ groups in cultivating the oil palm plantation of more than 200,000 hectares. This partnership produced more than 3.6 million tons of raw material supply to the Company’s palm oil mills with a transaction value paid to farmers of Rp 5.51 trillion. This partnership is established through several cooperative models known as: PIR-TRANS, PIR-KKPA, and PIR-BUN (PIR-BUN Plasma, PIR-BUN IGA, and PIR-BUN Swadaya). This partnership is a strategic partnership of mutual benefit, mutual respect, mutual responsibility, and mutual reinforcement based on principles of utility and sustainability.

Coaching was carried out through extension services and training aimed at building partner farmers’ capacitiy and crop yields. Through the extension, the Company disseminated useful information and knowledge to farmers, in particular on oil palm cultivation, including the Company’s innovations which can be implemented by farmers to increase their crop production. Moreover, the extension is intended to enable farmers to make use of the knowledge in improving their skills and developing their business. The goal of extension is to encourage farmers’ will to adopt better and sustainable plantation practices.