Progress Report on Sustainability
The purpose of this update is to provide Astra Agro Lestari’s stakeholders with information about progress made over the past twelve months by the Company on its sustainability work. This report will be followed by further quarterly updates throughout 2017 and beyond. The next quarterly progress update will be posted in August 2017. [download]

Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO)
The Company’s commitment in implementing good corporate governance is also realized by adopting agreements, principles as well as an external initiative applied nationally, the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO).

Indonesia Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP)
AAL supports the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (“IPOP”), designed to advance Indonesia’s sustainable palm sector. IPOP was established in September, 2014 in pursuit of sustainable palm oil that is deforestation free, respects human and community rights and delivers shareholder value. Following the publication of the Sustainability Policy, AAL will look to become a signatory of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (“IPOP”) in the near future.

Indonesian Palm Oil Producer Association (GAPKI)
The Company is actively involved as a member of the Indonesian Palm Oil Producer Association (GAPKI). Through this organization, the Company actively develops good practices of oil palm cultivation and improved social responsibility implementation. Environment & Social Responsibility Director, Joko Supriyono, currently serves as a Secretary General of GAPKI.

Income Generating Activities (IGA)
As a professional entity, the Company has always been firmly independent in terms of political situation. We are not affiliated with any political power and do not give any form of political related assistance. The Company has never received any financial or other form of assistance from the Government. Instead, the Company always seeks to support the implementation of government programs, especially programs related to local communities’ income improvement, known as the Income Generating Activities (IGA).