Good employee and family health are very important assets to the Company. The Company has the responsibility to organize and create a healthy and productive working environment. To that end, the company has built adequate health facilities, provides skilled medical personnel and continues to develop a clean, tidy and healthy working environment.


To support the smoothness of the health program implementation, the company has established polyclinics in its plantations (polibun) at each site that has been equipped with adequate health equipment for health services (curative) including Ambulance Unit to evacuate patients when needed. To run this program, the company has provided medical personnel such as doctors, midwives and nurses at each site.


Increased competence of medical personnel and employees continues to be a major target for the company through training programs as required. Training involving the use of First Aid, PPGD and Kader Posyandu for employees are conducted on an ongoing basis.


In order to prevent and/or contain contagious diseases caused by environmental vectors, the company continues to actively conduct preventive and promotive activities. These activities include home and healthy living programs, health dissemination programs and the establishment of Posyandu for pregnant mother and toddler.